Available Carpet Styles

Called velvet because of the velvet or velour appearance obtained by using staple yarn and high-density construction. Velvets provide a more formal appearance than other cut pile constructions. They are subject to revealing vacuum cleaner sweeper marks and footprints due to light reflection similar to a saxony.

This is a cut pile carpet in which two or more plies of yarn have been twisted and heat-set so that the tip of each carpet tuft is distinguishable on the pile surface. Saxonies have the tendency to show footprints and vacuum cleaner sweeper marks.

Textured cut piles also may be called “trackless”, “foot-print free”, “stuffer-box”, and mistakenly, “frieze carpet”. These names describe the tendency of this construction to show fewer footprints and sweeper marks than other cut pile constructions.

A true frieze carpet is similar to a texture in that footprints and vacuum cleaner marks are disguised. The textured appearance is acquired by placing a high twist level on the plied yarns . This high twist level causes the tuft to twist back upon itself providing a kinked appearance.

Many carpets are constructed with a loop pile surface. Loop carpets are marked by a continuous uncut surface that resists crushing and matting. This style wears well and is suited for casual rooms with lots of traffic and activity.

This is the same construction as a level loop but in order to achieve designs in the face of the carpet some loops are higher than others. This style offers unique looks with the same benefitsas a level loop.

Cut and loop carpet combines cut and uncut loops to create a pattern available in solid colors and multi colors. There are infinite numbers of unique geometric and overall patterns from which to choose. This style is suited for both formal and contemporary looks.